sony-xperia-logoI know of one particular saying that holds true in just about any and every situation – “Never say never.” After all, who knows what will happen in the future? Nobody has a crystal ball that can allow us to indulge the happenings a few years down the road, so it is always best not to burn your bridges unless there is no other way around a particular situation. Sony knows this too, and while they have been rolling out nothing but Android-powered smartphones, here we are with word that Sony is also talking to Microsoft concerning the possibility of introducing a Windows Phone smartphone sometime down the road.

Pierre Perron, the Sony Mobile head for Europe, shared, “We don’t want to be a single OS manufacturer.” That is what Sony has been where their smartphone range is concerned all this while, camping happily with Google’s Android, but who knows? There might be a Windows Phone smartphone down the road sooner than we think. After all, it is not as though Sony has not been working with Microsoft before, especially with their VAIO range of Windows-powered machines in the past. What do you think of Sony shifting some of their smartphone attention to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform?

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