TobiiTechnology_EyeXController[CES 2014] Gamers are probably well-aware of the brand SteelSeries who are known as a manufacturer of gaming accessories and peripherals, such as headphonesgaming mice, keyboards, and have even sponsored gaming teams, such as DotA 2’s Na’Vi. Now SteelSeries will be teaming up with Tobii, which for those unfamiliar is a company that specializes in eye tracking technology. With SteelSeries and Tobii involved, the end result is an eye-tracking gaming peripheral which they are calling the world’s first mass-market consumer eye-tracking device for gamers.Tobii_EyeXController_white-background_frontTobii has launched eye-tracking products before, such as their eye-tracking glasses from back in 2010, and have recently released their EyeX eye-tracking kit for developers. The eye-tracking kit will allow developers to create eye-tracking apps and software. Some of the examples that Tobii has shown with its eye-tracking software is to use our eyes as a pointing tool. Their eye-tracking software will also allow users to read notifications and dismiss it, all without having to touch the mouse, keyboard, or the screen, and even for gaming where our head and eye movements can be translated to actual movement within the game.

Presumably it is the latter feature that will be debuting as a collaborative effort between SteelSeries and Tobii, but according to Tobii, the end result is said to be somewhat similar to the company’s new EyeX Controller, perhaps but with a more game-centric focus.

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