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Tobii’s Eye-Tracking Tech Will Make It Harder For People To Peek At Your Computer Screen
No one likes it when someone else is looking over their shoulder, especially when working on the computer where privacy and sensitive information might be on display. The good news is that it looks like Tobii, who specializes in eye-tracking tech, is hoping to make snooping a thing of the past.

Tobii Glasses 2 Wearable Eye Tracker Begins To Ship
Tobii is a company that is involved with eye-tracking research solutions, and they have just announced the shipping of its Tobii Glasses 2 to customers worldwide who placed a pre-order for the product earlier this year. It looks like this is going to shape up to be a very interesting Christmas season, at least for folks who have made all of the necessary arrangements and early preparations. The Tobii Glasses […]

Tobii EyeX Controllers Begins To Ship To Developers
The folks over at Tobii Technology, who happen to be the global leader in eye tracking, has just announced that it has begun to ship the Tobii EyeX Controller to developers who did place a pre-order for the dev kit earlier. The first batch will be shipped to developers who would want to integrate eye tracking into mainstream Windows applications as well as PC games. As part of the EyeX […]

Tobii And SteelSeries Team Up For Eye-Tracking Gaming Accessory
[CES 2014] Gamers are probably well-aware of the brand SteelSeries who are known as a manufacturer of gaming accessories and peripherals, such as headphones, gaming mice, keyboards, and have even sponsored gaming teams, such as DotA 2’s Na’Vi. Now SteelSeries will be teaming up with Tobii, which for those unfamiliar is a company that specializes in eye tracking technology. With SteelSeries and Tobii involved, the end result is an eye-tracking gaming […]


Tobii Announces EyeX Eye-Tracking Kit For Developers
Eye-tracking technology is not new. In fact we’ve seen examples of it used in smartphones, such as the SmartStay feature in the Galaxy S3. We have also heard rumors that Amazon’s own smartphone could feature eye-tracking as well. At the forefront of eye-tracking technology is the company Tobii, who has in the past released eye-tracking products, and they have recently announced that they will be taking the wraps off their […]

Tobii EyeMobile Lets Users Control Windows 8 Tablets With Their Eyes
The Tobii EyeMobile peripheral has been launched today, its basically a peripheral that helps individuals with physical and communication impairments to fully control most Windows 8 tablets through natural, simple and relaxed movement of their eyes. Users will be able to enjoy full control of the tablet, regardless of where they might be or what they might be doing. The peripheral can be easily mounted on the dashboard for in-car […]

Tobii UX Live Announced
It was at CES earlier when we dropped by to see what Tobii had in store with Tobii REX, and here we are a few months down the road with yet another solution from Tobii that comes in the form of the Tobii UX Live, which is the first eye-tracking solution that was specially developed especially for the web design community. Tobii UX Live will combine hardware, software, education and […]

Tobii Selling Eye-Controlled Peripheral To Developers Next Week
Tobii has been teasing its ability to track a users’ eye movements in order to use their computer for quite some time, but it has yet to make its device available to the general public. This is about to change as the company is announcing it will be selling its REX device to developers starting next week and will be made widely available in the second half of 2013.“This is […]

Play Minecraft With Your Eyes Via Minecon Demo
They say that one’s eyes are the window to a soul, but with the Minecon demo, your eyes play another role, although not as important as letting you see, but it enables you to take control of the world of Minecraft using your sight alone, thanks to 4tiitoo and Tobii. Tobii Technology, the current global leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction, has teamed up with 4tiitoo, a pioneer in […]

Eye Asteroids debuts, Tobii bullish on prospects
We talked about Tobii’s Eye Asteroids arcade cabinet in November 2011, and while the idea seemed like a novel one, it seems that said arcade cabinet that requires the use of your eyes as a video game controller can be tested out at London’s Trocadero between now and February 17 if you are interested. Just like our previous report, the Eye Asteroids arcade cabinet will not be affordable at all, […]

Tobii Gaze: launch Windows 8 apps by looking at them [video]
Tobii, an eye-tracking technology company, has been working on making its Gaze eye-tracking technology compatible with Windows 8. With this new version, users can just look at App tiles and click on a trackpad or a mouse to launch them. There is no need to reach out to the screen and swipe, which is a bit awkward when not working with a tablet. Tobii says that Gaze can emulate every […]

Eye Asteroids need no joystick
Remember when you first had a go with the game Asteroids on the Atari 2600? Boy, did that translation of the arcade game into the living room make a real impact in my life, although the graphics by today’s standards would not even be able to attract the attention of a 2-year old. Well, using a joystick to control where your little ship is supposed to fly and blast those […]

Tobii X60/X120 is the most precise eye-tracking system in the world for mobile devices
Tobii has just unveiled the Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution. The first eye-tracking system in the world designed specifically to enhance the precision of usability studies for mobile devices and mobile apps to allow manufacturers and developers to understand what the consumers see when they use their devices. Similar to the webcam eye-tracking project we’ve written about before, the Tobii X60/X120 will be used to monitor where users look […]

Tobii PCEye released
The Tobii PCEye has just been released, making it one of the most advanced stand-alone eye control device that is currently available in the market – making the average computer more accessible to the masses simply because you can use your eyes to control it. Not only does it come with a relatively low learning curve, it is also very accurate and portable. Playing nice with a wide range of […]