obama-plush-pal[CES 2014] If there is one thing commendable about America (and I am quite sure that the list does not stop at just one, but for literary prose’s sake), it would be their leaders having a good nature, not minding being on the receiving end of a joke. Although, I am not quite sure how they feel in private, but at least on the surface, they tend to laugh at jokes directed in their direction. Viatek has decided to ride on this “generosity” by unveiling their latest President Obama Interactive Plush Pal at CES this year.

I suppose this is as close as it can get when it comes to watching the President sing as well as dance along to your favorite playlist. Not only that, there are no Secret Service guys to grapple with, and neither do you have to worry about an impending terrorist attack on the most powerful man on earth. With the President Obama Interactive Plush Pal, he will be hooked up to a mobile phone or MP3-playback device, where Mr. President himself will speak in time with the other person on the other end of the phone. There are other Interactive Plush Pals as well, but why not settle for President Obama? [Press Release]

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