[CES 2014] We have already moved on forward in a clear manner when it comes to wireless connectivity. Go to any decent restaurant or cafe, and apart from serving up good food, another prerequisite would be the presence of Wi-Fi connectivity. Well, wireless charging has yet to catch on in a big way at this point in time, but there are efforts being made to make sure that the tide changes in its favor. Take for instance, the video above that you can view. WiTricity has come up with a wireless charger for the Apple iPhone 5s as well as the older generation Apple iPhone 5, where this particular system will make use of magnetic resonance. This translates to the ability to juice up a particular device at a distance, and you do not need to have to line up the iPhone on a wireless charging pad, too. Should you decide to throw into the mix a wireless power repeater, you are then able to place the latter in your top drawer under your nightstand, and following that, any device that has been placed on that nightstand will recharge.

CES 2014 is the platform where this wireless pad from WiTricity is demonstrated, although it remains a reference design as at press time. There are plans to sell this particular pad in the months ahead for $99, while the case will retail for $49 a pop.

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