acer-windows-phoneWhich comes first – the chicken or the egg? This is the very same situation that many software developers and hardware manufacturers ponder over. Software developers say that they would like to see a platform increase its market share before they are able to throw their lot into it, while hardware manufacturers claim that unless software developers back their hardware right from the get go without looking at the user base figures, it would be difficult for people to adopt the hardware in the first place. Well, Acer is somewhat placed in such a position, as their VP of Smartphones, Allen Burnes, mentioned that the company would like to see Windows Phone market share grow before they take the plunge into the Windows Phone platform.

Right now, the Acer Allegro remains the sole representative from Acer in the Windows Phone arena, and nearly three years after its launch, there has been no follow up. Apparently, once Acer sees that Windows Phone achieves at least 15% market share in Europe, they would deem it stable enough to pursue with a sequel. Do you think that there is a future in Windows Phone? Well, I suppose that mobile operating system has a far brighter road ahead compared to the BlackBerry platform…

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