ok-googleThe modern day smartphone and computer loves to help us multitask, but some things in life simply does not make for such an allowance. For instance, those who tried to cook and perform a search on the Internet simultaneously would not be too pleased with either result – not only will your keyboard or tablet get stained, but you might miss out one crucial ingredient or overcook your dish. Fret not, Google knows what a bummer this can feel like, hence in their latest Chrome Beta, one is able to perform a search using Google Voice Search, which translates to doing away with any kind of typing, clicking or hand-washing. All that you need to do is to open up a brand new tab or visit Google.com in Chrome, say “Ok Google,” before you begin your search by speaking.

This particular feature will first roll out and then start speaking your search. This feature will be introduced to English (U.S.) users on Windows, Mac and Linux in the coming few days, while Google will continue to work on support for additional languages and Chrome OS in due time. Ah, there is nothing quite like a hands-free search experience, is there? Just make sure that cooking oil does not splash all over your laptop, it can be quite a mess to clean up afterwards. [Press Release]

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