Its not unusual to find bugs in software that can render any one of its security features useless. Find My iPhone is an iCloud based feature on Apple’s smartphone, it allows users to locate their iPhone on a map if its stolen or it simply goes missing. Even if a device is not protected by a passcode, the feature can’t be turned off without entering Apple ID credentials. However a new bug has been discovered that would allow anyone to disable Find My iPhone on iOS 7 within a minute.

When Find My iPhone is disabled, users won’t be able to locate it on This bug enables people to disable said feature without needing to authorize the action by entering their password. Requiring just a few steps, it is reported that the bug exists on iOS 7.0.4. It doesn’t work when tested on an iOS 7.1 beta, so its highly likely that Apple has patched it and will roll out the fix to end users when iOS 7.1 is ultimately released. Even if the bug disables Find My iPhone, it doesn’t have any effect on Apple’s Activation Lock feature, one that was developed to make it harder for thieves to pawn stolen iPhones. Moreover, the bug only impacts devices that don’t have Touch ID or Passcode set up, because the exploit needs access to the Settings menu. If you have any of the two set up, you need not worry.

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