gta-windows-storeAh, Grand Theft Auto. This is one gamng franchise that has captured the imagination of millions worldwide, and when the title arrived on the Windows Phone platform, it did create a fair amount of buzz. The asking price for that game on the Windows Phone Store was stated at $6.99, and it was compatible only with devices that had at least 1GB RAM underneath the hood, and it held the promise of a rollout on Windows 8 in due time. Well, it seems that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has appeared on the Windows Store, where it will also cost the same price as that of its Windows Phone version, although attempts to download it has resulted in the message “This item is no longer available” popping up. Download attempts happened to have occurred in the likes of California, New York and the U.K. without any success. Any one else living in other regions who have successfully downloaded Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8?


Having a game appear across multiple platforms is more or less one of the top priorities these days, where developers on mobile platforms hope to rake in the cash based on volume, which is why they can charge lower prices. Then again, you would find epic titles on mobile platforms to be far and few in between, which means the overall cost of development is lower, too, hence allowing them to charge a lower starting price.

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