I am quite sure that those of us who drive a whole lot, or have racked up many years of experience, would know of this dangerous stunt on the freeway – tailgating. The person being tailgated might undergo intense mental pressure to get out of the way, while the person doing the tailgating is endangering the lives of everyone on the road. Well, perhaps a new DIY robot known as LuxBlaster might put an end to the menace known as tailgating, although it would probably end up as an illegal contraption to install on your ride.

The LuxBlaster happens to be Arduino-based robot which is capable of detecting light sources, and upon doing so, it will flash its tiny lights back at the tailgater. Since this is a DIY project, you have the chance to pick and choose the different LEDs that you can arm your robot with, in addition to the amount of light intensity for you to “blind” the person behind. Talk about giving someone a taste of their own medicine!Of course, if you were to blind the person behind you, it could end up as a disaster, not to mention the possible loss of lives. Hopefully there is a better method out there that could put tailgating the an end. [Product Page]

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