2436874-9469422909-koopaEarlier in January, it was revealed that Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart 8 title for the Nintendo Wii U would be seeing a release in May. The game was originally given a vague spring release but now thanks to an announcement made by Nintendo’s president himself, Satoru Iwata, it has been confirmed that Mario Kart 8’s release will be on the 30th of May, although we’re not sure if this is an international release and will be available around the world, or if the game might see a release in certain markets first before making its way to other parts of the world, but either way the 30th of May is definitely a date Mario Kart fans will want to mark down on their calendars.

Nintendo has also confirmed that all the Koopalings will be playable racers in the upcoming title, which for those unfamiliar are the level bosses that appeared in games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. The Koopalings include Iggy, Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Wendy, and Larry, so if you were ever bored of the usual Mario Kart roster, perhaps the addition of the Koopalings should shake things up a bit. With Mario Kart 8 announced, the next title we are looking forward to will be Super Smash Bros. which has yet to receive a definite release date.

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