moovThe world of wearable technology does seem to be moving away from just a smartwatch or a pair of smart glasses like the Google Glass. In fact, fitness trackers are starting to gain traction and attention as well, with most of them capable of monitoring the amount of movement that you make throughout the day before tabulating just how many calories you have burned so that you can make the decision of whether to wolf down another burger or not. Well, the Moov fitness tracker is easy on the eyes as well as wallet at $59 a pop, where it intends to double up as your personal trainer so that your workout experiences will be improved.

If you want to described Moov in a different way, I guess you can call this a wearable Leap Motion. Moov happens to be a waterproof disc that is worn on your wrist in the same manner of a watch, or you can also opt to strap it around your ankle or arm as it goes about recording your movement. As you work out, it will figure out the intensity of your movement, sending out suggestions in real time on how to improve. Sounds like a pleasantly nagging gadget that fitness buffs would like to own, no?

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