How was your Valentine’s Day? If you love heartwarming accounts, then you would be pleased to hear that Google has compiled a YouTube video which depicts star-crossed lovers proposing to their other half, all of it from the point of view of a Google Glass. In this day and age, why bother to hire a video team to record your marriage proposal when you can pull off a DIY, all the while wearing a pair of Google Glass to boot?

Some folks have even touted that the best feature on Google Glass would be its built-in camera (that has also run into its fair bit of trouble and controversy in the past). Using a voice command, or but a simple tap of a shutter button, and the camera will start recording video at 720p resolution from your perspective. In a nutshell, a pair of Google Glass would allow you to enjoy a GoPro point of view all the tie, as long as there is enough storage space left within.

What do you think of recording marriage proposals with something blocking your eye? This way, it is a whole lot more difficult to stare into each other’s eyes (cue the slow and romantic music) as time seemingly stops for the two of you, without being distracted by the Google Glass display. To each his or her own, I guess.

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