Firefox-LauncherWe know that Mozilla has an Android competition in the form of Firefox OS, but at the same time we guess the company cannot deny the reach and popularity of the Android platform which is why we don’t find it all too surprising to learn that the company has a Firefox launcher for Android in the works. This was revealed by the company during the InContext Conference where they offered a sneak peak into the Firefox launcher for Android.


According to the company, “Firefox Launcher for Android makes it easy to discover the content you want in any moment and is optimized for the way you use your phone. The app integrates the contextual adaptive app search from EverythingMe with the Firefox for Android Web browser to offer users a personalized and customizable Web experience that is fun and intuitive.” It’s a bit hard to tell how good the launcher is based on just a screenshot, but hopefully more details will be revealed over time.

This is not the first time one of Google’s competitors have tried to make their mark and presence in Android felt. It wasn’t too long ago that Yahoo acquired the company behind the Aviate launcher, which would undoubtedly see more of Yahoo’s products and services integrated into the Android platform.

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