With millions of customers choosing to shop online, there’s tough competition between online retailers to stay one step ahead of each other. Amazon happens to be the largest online retailer, trailed by Newegg in second place, in the U.S. The latter has launched a new program which pits it against Amazon Prime. Newegg Premier, which costs $49 per year, offers free three day shipping, free returns and expedited shipping. One thing it lacks, and where Prime exceeds, is the huge media library that Amazon offers along with Prime.

The launch of Newegg Premier comes at a very crucial time, as its likely Amazon Prime membership rate might be increased in the near future. The company itself hinted at that possibility during a conference call with investors and analysts, citing reasons such as mounting fuel costs which might force Amazon to increase the price from $79 to almost $120. Apart from free expedited shipping and free returns, Newegg Premier also offers “member-only shopping experience with custom backgrounds and information panel,” as well as a dedicated customer service number, pricing alerts and member-only pricing. Its perhaps the only legitimate competitor for Amazon Prime out there, continuing with Newegg’s vision of making it “more rewarding” to shop at the second largest online retailer in the U.S.

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