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Amazon's New Personal Shopper Service Will Send You Curated Clothing
Many high-end fashion outlets have personal shopper services for customers who would like expert assistance when shopping for clothes and don’t mind paying for it. Amazon wants to replicate that service without the normally high costs associated with personal shoppers. It has launched a personal shopper service of its own for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime Members Get To See Aquaman A Week Early
Here’s another nice perk for Amazon Prime members. They will be able to see the upcoming Aquaman movie up to six days before its official release in the United States. Granted, they will have to watch it at a participating cinema, but their Prime membership does entitle them to catch the movie earlier than the rest of the population.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Now Available To All U.S. Prime Members
Amazon announced a new “try before you buy” service last summer called Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The latest perk for Prime members would allow them to try on and return clothes they purchase from Amazon for free. The service was launched in beta last year with Prime members being invited to sign up to get notified when it launches. Amazon today announced that Prime Wardrobe is now open to all Prime […]

Moto G6 Joins Amazon's Discounted Prime Exclusive Lineup
Amazon launched its Prime Exclusive Phone program in 2016. It offered handsets to Prime members at a discount provided that they lived with ads on the lockscreen. The company later decided to change this and removed the ads from the lockscreen entirely. That didn’t mean it was shutting down the program. Amazon continues to add more devices to the program with the Moto G6 now being the latest addition.


Whole Foods Reward Program Being Folded Into Amazon Prime
Many had wondered what Amazon’s endgame was when it decided to acquire Whole Foods for more than $13 billion and it’s gradually being apparent how the company is tying in the retailer’s customers to its services. An email has been sent out to Whole Foods customers informing them that the company is shutting down its digital coupons, rewards program, and even customers’ online accounts next month and folding all of […]

HBO Shows On Amazon Prime Won't Be Available Next Year
HBO doesn’t ink agreements with every other online video streaming service out there which is why before it launched HBO Now, it was difficult to stream the cable giant’s content online legally. Amazon Prime was one service that had some HBO shows in its library but that’s going to change next year. It has been confirmed that HBO Shows on Amazon Prime will no longer be available in 2018.

Moto G4 Amazon Prime Exclusive Gets Nougat Update
Amazon offered a Prime exclusive version of the Moto G4 last year. It was offering the handset for $50 off the normal price only to Amazon Prime subscribers but there was a catch. They had to agree to be served ads on the device’s lock screen. Many would have decided to opt into that as long as they were saving $50. Those who did pick up the Amazon Prime exclusive […]

Amazon Will Now Deliver Groceries To Your Trunk
The AmazonFresh grocery program has gradually been expanded to more markets. It allows Prime subscribers to add fresh groceries from the online retail giant. The company is now expanding the reach of AmazonFresh to provide even more convenience to users. It has launched a new service in beta today called AmazonFresh Pickup. It’s a drive-in grocery delivery service which will deliver the good to your car’s trunk.

eBay 'Guaranteed Delivery' Confirmed For 20 Million Items
eBay is taking the fight to Amazon and its subscription-based Prime membership program by announcing that it’s now going to provide three-day “Guaranteed Delivery” on more than 20 million items. eBay is going to roll out Guaranteed Delivery in the United States this summer, it says that this will provide faster and more precise delivery dates for customers.

Walmart Ditches Amazon Prime Rival In Favor Of Free 2-Day Shipping
Walmart spent a very long time testing its Amazon Prime rival called ShippingPass before finally rolling it out across the United States in June last year. It was priced at $49 per year as opposed to Prime’s $99 per year and initially promised 3-day free shipping though the retailer soon started testing 2-day free shipping as well. It has now killed ShippingPass in favor of free 2-day shipping.

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Subscribe To HBO And Cinemax
Amazon doesn’t quite have an online TV streaming service as yet but it has the next best thing called Amazon Channels which enable members to subscribe to major networks. The company today announced that Amazon Prime members can now subscribe to HBO Now and Cinemax through Amazon Channels. The subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis and subscribers are free to cancel at any time without having to incur […]

Amazon Online Ticket Sales May Soon Go Live In The United States
Amazon has been selling theater and concert tickets online in the United Kingdom since last year but it’s yet to do this on its home turf. The company hasn’t confirmed as yet if it’s going to start selling tickets online in other markets but a new job listing posted by the company has been spotted which suggests that Amazon online ticket sales might soon go live in the United States.

Amazon's Grocery Service Now Costs Less For Prime Members
Over the past couple of weeks, Amazon has introduced some new incentives for members of its Prime program. Just yesterday it announced that Prime members will now receive free ebooks and magazines. The company has announced today that AmazonFresh, its grocery delivery service, will now cost less for Prime members. They will now pay a fixed price each month for the ability to order fresh groceries from Amazon.

Amazon Prime Members Now Get Free eBooks
Amazon continues to provide more value for money to members of its Prime program by giving them more incentives. The latest incentive that members of the company’s $99 per year program are getting is called Amazon Prime Reading. Simply put, Amazon Prime members in the United States are getting free ebooks. The company says that they will have access to “over a thousand popular books” for free, including popular titles […]

Twitch Introduces Ad-Free Streaming And Discounts For Amazon Prime Members
If you subscribe to Amazon Prime then you will be happy to find out that Twitch is now offering some incentives to people to subscribe to this program. The new perks for Twitch users who subscribe to Amazon Prime include ad-free streaming as well as discounts on video games. Just in case you’re wondering why Twitch is being so generous to Amazon Prime subscribers that’s because Twitch is now owned by […]

Amazon Prime Members Now Get Audiobooks From Audible
There are countless situations where you would like to continue reading a book but it would simply not be possible for you to hold one and do something else at the same time. You can’t be reading behind the wheel of a car now, can now, and this is where audiobooks come in handy. They enable you to “read” even when you’re doing something that make it impossible to physically […]

Amazon Prime Launched In India
Amazon is committing to the Indian market in a big way and as a testament to that, today it announced the launch of Amazon Prime in the country. The company has now launched its same-day delivery service in the world’s second most populated country. Amazon Prime is only available in a handful of countries right now including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Amazon $10 Discount On First Alexa Prime Day Order
From today until July 12, Amazon is giving an incentive for Alexa users to use and order something with the Amazon Echo voice-enabled assistant. By asking “Alexa, what are your Prime Day Deals?” users make themselves eligible for a $10 discount on orders of $20 or more. Of course, this only works if you shop using Alexa.

Sprint Offers Customers Two Months Of Amazon Prime For Free
An Amazon Prime subscription costs $99 per year and offers you access to a plethora of services including but not limited to music and video streaming, aside from free two-day shipping on millions of products. If you would rather pay for that subscription in monthly installments Sprint has got you covered, and it’s even going to give you the first two months for free.

Walmart's Amazon Prime Rival Launched With 30-Day Free Trial
Walmart started experimenting with a three-day shipping service called ShippingPass last year. Those who signed up had to pay $50 per year to get three-day free shipping on their orders but a couple of months ago Walmart made a change to this service to make it compete directly with Amazon Prime. It has now launched ShippingPass across the United States and is offering new members a 30-day free trial of […]