google-now-launcherWhen Google launched the Nexus 5, one of the features that many users noticed was a revamped launcher. At that time there were many who did not own the Nexus 5 who wanted to check out the launcher, but unfortunately it seemed that the launcher would be a Nexus 5 exclusive, but thanks to recent reports and speculation, it looks like Google could be coming closer to releasing the Nexus 5’s launcher to the public. The speculation that Google could release the launcher to the public was fuelled by the fact that the launcher had been renamed to the “Google Now” launcher, where previously it was known as the “Google Experience”.


There was also the case when the folks at Droid-Life attempted to sideload the launcher and were prompted by the launcher, asking if they wanted to import settings from a different launcher, which might be a weird question to ask if the launcher is to remain as a Nexus 5 exclusive, right? Now the good news is that if you can’t wait for Google to release the launcher (if and when they do), you will be able to sideload it manually, so hit up Droid-Life for the download link and instructions. So, who’s looking forward to installing the Nexus 5’s launcher on their Android device?

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