panasonic-bamboo-opalThe folks over at Panasonic do seem to have developed a loudspeaker which will make use of a diaphragm that has been made with plant opals in bamboo leaves, and this particular success would have marked the first time that something like this has happened in the industry, with the ultimate aim of improving sound quality. The new Bamboo Plant Opal Loudspeaker from Panasonic is capable of delivering according to the original sound, through the reproduction of clear sound with low distortion. All of this is made possible courtesy of the use of the hard, plant opal materials that occurs in bamboo for the diaphragm.

The diaphragm itself in the new loudspeaker relies on an additional bamboo-derived material, which would be hard, needle-shaped plant opals that are found in bamboo leaves, ending up in your ears enjoy something that sounds as close as possible to the original sound, as you listen to unparalleled clearness and less distortion in comparison to current loudspeakers. It is hoped that with this Bamboo Plant Opal Loudspeaker, Panasonic will be able to assist both automotive and audio manufacturers to deliver a finely-tuned sound, all the while ensuring sound quality is improved in audio devices. Expect samples of this new loudspeaker make its way to manufacturers from March 1st onward.

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