project-ara-costGoogle looks all set to launch its first Project Ara developer’s conference this coming April, but is there all there is that meets the eye? Well, assuming Google has its very own way, it ought to cost approximately $50 a pop, assuming you have it arrive in just the standard edition minus all of the bells and whistles. In fact, the very same team behind Project Ara intends to roll out what it calls a “grayphone,” which happens to be a barebones customizable exoskeleton that will arrive with just a display, a chassis and a Wi-Fi radio to help you get started. Anything that is beyond that, it remains up to you to add on those items.

Of course, in this day and age, all of those are not going to make the cut when it comes to its hardware specificatoins, as Google’s Paul Eremenko did mention that users would be able to customize their underpowered chassis at special kiosks that has been outfitted with tools that will be able to assist customers construct the device that is in accordance to their preference. It will also need to gain approval from the FCC as well, and the whole point of the Ara is to be great, not profitable.

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