smart-diaperJapan is suffering from an ageing population, and if nothing is done to boost up the overall population count in that part of the world, you will find its population count start to drop as the years go by. In fact, it already has a fair amount of senior citizens living there, and this figure is set to climb even higher in the months and years ahead. Caring for older folks is not an easy task at all, especially when one is ill with various diseases, and for an older person to wear a diaper, it is not a shameful thing at all. The thing is, diapers need to be changed from time to time, so how nice would it be if you could be alerted by the diaper itself when the time comes to change it?

<!-more-->This is exactly what has happened, as a research team from the University of Tokyo on Monday did show off the first flexible and disposable organic sensor in the world. This unique sensor can be integrated into a smart diaper, where it will then send a wireless alert to a specific number should it require any changing. All of the flexible integrated circuit has been printed on a plastic film, where it will then transmit information as well as receive its power sans wires. The potential is great, especially when you consider how mass production might actually bring down the price to just a few cents each. Adult diapers, kids’ diapers, it doesn’t matter as long as it works well enough.

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