Airbnb is one of the most popular companies backing the “sharing economy” concept. It aims to make travel easier, while also adding a personal touch. Airbnb allows travelers to book entire apartments, rooms or even shared rooms in countless countries around the world, often for considerably less than a hotel would cost. Obviously this means that some compromises have to be made. There’s no room service or housekeeping, no 24/7 front desk with your keys and no transportation service. What if it could offer all this to those willing to pay extra?

Fast Company recently published an extensive profile of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, and reports that the company is gearing up to launch additional services in the near future that aim to provide travels with a premium hotel-like experience at a cost. Services will include housekeeping, transportation to and from the airport as well as a much more seamless key handoff experience.

The report claims that Airbnb’s cleaning service will be launched this year. Presumably at a price, users would be able to get everything free linens and towels to mints and Vitaminwater, all the little touches. Moreover, it is also said that Airbnb is testing a car service similar to Uber. It could ease a major pain point, particularly for travelers who are in no mood to figure out a city’s public transport system after a long flight.

The basic idea is to offer more amenities, which is a major part of what a hotel experience is all about. Not only will this improve experience, it would also get Airbnb users to increase spending.

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