geekbench-scoreRemember the furor that arose from Samsung using optimized benchmarks with their devices last year? It has since been discovered that Samsung is not the only company that is involved in fudging their benchmarks, and we are pleased to report that Samsung has definitely learned from the past. According to a developer known as Wanam, he confirmed on Twitter that the code behind the optimization in the past has been removed in the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the previous flagship, the Galaxy S4, as well as the Galaxy Note 3.

I suppose not stepping forward in a forthright manner to apologize for this PR gaffe in the past is one thing, but at least if what Wanam reports is true, it would be nice to see where Samsung devices with Android 4.4 would really stand against the rest of the competition. It is always nice to see companies be straightforward and honest with their customers right from the get go. but it is also better late than never to turn over a new leaf. Here is a quick question – how did you view Samsung after the benchmarking snafu last year? Did your affection for the company’s products go on the wane, or did it not affect you in any way

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