samsung-logoIt had recently been discovered that Samsung has been “cheating” again at the benchmarks with the Galaxy Note 3. It was just earlier this year that the South Korean tech giant was found doing the same with their Galaxy S4 as well, although whether this is a big deal or not really depends on you and what you expect to get from your smartphone. While all the fingers are pointing at Samsung, it has also been discovered by the folks at AnandTech that Samsung is not alone in this, but other Android manufacturers have been found to be “cheating” on benchmark scores as well, with the exception of Motorola, and Apple’s iPhone.

According to the site, “With the exception of Apple and Motorola, literally every single OEM we’ve worked with ships (or has shipped) at least one device that runs this silly CPU optimization.” They have even created a table where they list which device has cheated on which particular benchmark. The site notes that it will be hard to convince these manufacturers to stop fudging the results on benchmarks, especially since these test results can be used as a form of marketing and proving who is better.

In any case like we said, it depends on you to determine how important benchmarks are when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. For the more hardcore user, it might have an impact on them, but for the average user who just wants to send messages, make calls, send emails, surf the web, check social media, and etc., does having the best benchmark scores really matter?

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