A couple of weeks ago, Rovio teased an upcoming Angry Birds game. Not much was known at that time but it showed one of the Angry Birds inside a suit of armor, suggesting that we might be able to look forward to some kind of medieval theme.

It was later revealed that the game is none other than Angry Birds Epic, a RPG version of the Angry Birds franchise that will adopt the turn based combat system. There is no word on when the game will be officially released but in the meantime according to reports, the game has since been soft launched in countries such as New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

As it stands the app is only available via the New Zealand iTunes App Store, but it is expected to make its way onto the iTunes App Store in Australia and Canada shortly, so just be patient and we’re sure its availability will pop up soon.

The game itself is free to download, but just like Angry Birds Go!, Rovio will be relying on in-app purchases to help them generate revenue. The in-app purchases will allow gamers to craft armor, weapons, and potions that will cost them a virtual currency which can be bought via the in-app purchases.

We can’t say that we’re a fan of this model but admittedly the free-to-play model is one that is allowing developers to make a lot more money than before, so it is understandable why Rovio has chosen it. Angry Birds Epic will also be another Angry Birds title from Rovio that deviates from the usual gameplay we have come to expect from Angry Birds.

Whether or not this game will prove to be a hit and experience the same amount of success that older Angry Birds titles have had remains to be seen, although we are getting the feeling that perhaps Rovio might be milking the franchise a little too much, but in the meantime you can check out the gameplay trailer in the video above.

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