asus-zenFone-01While there is nothing wrong with Intel-powered phones, there just aren’t that many such devices available in the market at the moment. Most OEMs tend to favor ARM processors since those have more or less become the standard, although Intel appears to be still interested in fighting the good fight.

Earlier this year during CES 2014, ASUS unveiled a trio of Intel-powered phones by the name of the ZenFone 6, 5, and 4. There was no mention of when the phones would be launched, but now according to ASUS, the company is gearing up for a release in April where the company’s initial target market will be China.

The phones will see a release on the 11th of April although ASUS did not mention whether they would see a release outside of China, like in the US, although given their prices they do appear to target emerging markets where customers might not necessarily have as high a disposable income compared to others.

In case you missed our coverage at CES 2014 earlier this year, the ASUS ZenFone 6 will be the largest phone of the trio. It will feature a 6-inch display, a 13MP rear-facing camera, a 2MP front-facing camera, a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 processor with 1GB of RAM, a 3,300mAh battery and will be priced around $200.

The ASUS ZenFone 5 will feature a 5-inch 720p display and will also pack an Intel Atom Z2850 processor clocked at 2GHz with 1GB of RAM. It will come with 8GB of onboard storage, an 8MP rear-facing camera, a 2,110mAh battery, and will be priced slightly cheaper at $150.

Last but not least is the ASUS ZenFone 4 with a 4-inch WVGA display. It will be powered by a dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage, a 1,200mAh battery, a 5MP rear-facing camera, and will come with a price tag of $100. All 3 phones will run on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean but are also expected to be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat later this year.

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