diablo-3-logoAs you might have heard, Blizzard has recently released the latest Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls. We also expect that gamers have probably raced all the way to the end, killed the boss, and hit level 70, so apart from farming and getting good loot, what else is in store for gamers who love the Diablo franchise?

Well according to the game’s lead producer, Alex Mayberry, it seems that Blizzard is still a little uncertain about the future of the game. Speaking to Videogamer, Mayberry revealed that Blizzard is still evaluating whether or not they will be making a new expansion for the game or release an entirely new Diablo game istead.

According to an earlier leaked roadmap, it suggested that the Diablo franchise had another expansion in the works, but knowing Blizzard, they do change things up quite often whenever they feel like it is the best solution, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to put the alleged 2nd expansion on hold while they evaluate their options.

“We’re already planning out what the next content update will be but we’re not making, we’re still talking about what the long-view is for the franchise, mainly because we want to see how people react to Reaper. We want to make sure that we don’t get ahead of the community and start going down some road that won’t lead us to where we want to go.”

Mayberry also stated that they have already laid out their short-term plans which has been projected in the next few months, not years, meaning that they still have long-term planning left to do to decide what to do with the franchise.

We should note that Diablo 2 is a great example of a Blizzard game with a single expansion pack. Despite there only being one expansion pack, Blizzard has done a great job at supporting the game over the years and constantly releasing updates that adds new content and features, thus making it highly replayable.

However until Blizzard makes their decision, what do you guys think? Would you like to see a new expansion released (kind of like World of Warcraft), or would you prefer if Blizzard started working on a Diablo 4 instead?

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