candycrush-ipoThe company behind the wildly successful Candy Crush Saga game, King (what a stately name although their behavior has not been all that royally inclined, so to speak, when it comes to trying to trademark the word “saga” and “candy“), has already filed its IPO just earlier this year, where it seems that each share on the market is going to trade at $22.50, although the closing bell would provide a clearer reflection on what people actually think that the company is worth in the long run.

It must be said that nearly 100 million users actually boot up Candy Crush every single day, and as the company’s titles remain free to play, it has placed dependence on the sales of virtual goods, extra levels and content purchases in order to make more money. So far, it has raised around $500 million in its IPO, and its early investors has already valued King at around $7 billion – or three and a half Oculus’, so to speak.

It does not seem as though King intends to go public in order to raise funds, but because the amount of stock in the market would then provide it with the relevant leverage to make acquisitions – which makes us wonder whether they would swallow up Viking Saga or not…

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