Robots are here to stay, that goes without saying. The thing is, just what is the extent that you would want a particular robot to help you out around the house? Some chores like vacuuming the floor can be left entirely to the robot vacuum cleaner to get the job done, as you would have found other ways to spend your time in an equally productive, and yet more fun manner. How about making sure that all of the plants in the lawn is watered? This is where the likes of Droplet comes in handy, being a smart sprinkler that “knows” how and when to water your lawn.

Right from the get go, Droplet would not be your standard sprinkler system. It has some physical similarities as that of a Roomba, while sporting the relevant amount of smarts so that it can water your lawn as and when needed, instead of having it stick to a pre-determined schedule. Droplet relies on cloud computing as well as other connected services in order to figure out exactly what your patch of grass needs. Take for example, that it rained the day before, and Droplet will skip watering your plants so as to save water and be more efficient. Droplet has a 30 foot operational range, and will cost you $300 a pop.

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