There used to be a time when cellphones were essentially useless if there was no cellular coverage. There was no alternative mode of communication, so the only other purpose they could serve back then was acting as a paperweight. This has dramatically changed over the last decade. Through the internet, one can now make video and voice calls, not to mention send instant messages and emails. Mobile communication is no longer solely dependant upon cellular network. But what if you were in a situation where there’s no cellular and no internet?


As horrifying as that may sound, there’s still a way to keep in touch, albeit only with the people around you. FireChat utilizes iOS 7’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework to enable offline chatting. Through the app, users can also share photos and participate in group chats. It won’t have a major impact on battery consumption and there are no passwords or logins to remember.

Possible use cases would be at the beach or in the subway, perhaps even at a big game or a massive trade show, places where connectivity can often be a problem. FireChat for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store. Offline chat works best when the recipients are within 10 meters of your location. And even if it doesn’t work, you can always try shouting.

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