ps4-pricesAll countries are different, and it is such diversity that makes life a whole lot more colorful and interesting. In fact, the cost of medical aid and treatment alone would tell you as much, although the price of your Starbucks mocha would more or less be the same after conversion to the local currency, so it really depends on the situation. As for Sony’s hot selling PS4 console, just how much do you think it costs outside of the US of A?

Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and Statista have managed to come up with a chart that makes things look a whole lot clearer, depicting just how much the PS4 is sold in other countries.

The Wall Street Journal’s graph claims that Brazil happens to be the most expensive country in the world if you want to bring home a PS4 (hence the slow start), and its eternal soccer rival, Argentina, is not too far behind either. The reason behind this? Both countries happen to have massive import taxes on products that were not locally manufactured. What do you think of such a protectionist policy that the Brazilian government hopes will be able to “persuade” companies to set up manufacturing facilities in Brazil and create jobs?

For folks living across the pond in the UK, they happen to pay $580 after conversion, which means Americans and Japanese would have the most affordable PS4 consoles in the world, forking out less than $400 in their respective countries.

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