google-play-games-virtualGoogle has recently made an announcement concerning upcoming updates for its Google Play Games cross-platform SDK for game developers, which it ought to be a whole lot easier for developers to work on titles that target the iOS, Android and Web in order to come up with the relevant experiences that will include all of the above.

First of all, Google has expanded its multiplayer support to include iOS, where this would mean that both turn-based as well as real-time combat and play is capable of happening on both platforms. Apart from that, there is also an updated Unity plug-in that will to go alongside that. In addition, a new achievement and leaderboard plugin will also offer support for both platforms, which means that you are able to compare yourself against the whole population of a game’s mobile players, instead of just doing so on one platform or the other.

There are also new discovery options available in the SDK which make it possible for users to send in-game gifts to those who happen to be in your network, or to other players that they find via search. There is also the option of inviting folks to enjoy multiplayer matches directly, now how about that?

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