google-logo-2011-10-25Back in 2013, the NSA’s Project PRISM was one of the bigger tech scandals as it implicated several big tech companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Apple as working together with the NSA to allow spying and gathering of information on their users.

Naturally the companies denied this, and Google themselves were outraged that the NSA had somehow managed to hack into their system which led to tech companies meeting with President Obama and calling for reforms. That being said, Google has upgraded their security since which has led executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, to believe that all their data is now safe from the government’s prying eyes.

This was announced at SXSW in which Schmidt was quoted as saying, “Pretty sure that information within Google is now safe from any government’s prying eyes,” with regards to Google’s recent security upgrade.

Schmidt also revealed that apart from increased encryption, Google has also made other changes to its security in the recent months, although he did not go into detail as to what they might be. Understandably so since the last thing Google needs is hackers knowing what kind of security they use so they can begin hacking their way in!

Naturally some critics feel that these upgrades might not necessarily be enough and we have to agree. While tight security will deter some hackers, there are those out there particularly skilled and determined who will eventually find a way in since no system is 100% secure, but in the meantime we guess it’s good to know that Google has made those changes anyway, for their users’ sake.

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