According to our earlier report, it seemed that with the latest introduction of iOS 7.1, apps were crashing less frequently compared to its previous versions. There were also reports of how the update made running iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 a much more pleasant experience.

However while that’s well and good, there have also been reports of battery drain and now according to a growing thread and complaints, it seems that iOS 7.1 has caused iPhones to become unresponsive, and there might even be an issue with Touch ID as well.

According to the thread on Apple’s website, users are finding that their phones have become non-responsive after updating to iOS 7.1. They claim that the platform seems to freeze and that in some cases, the keyboard stops accepting input as well. A restart of the phone seems to fix the problem but we doubt that is a long-term solution.

Ironically enough, iOS 7.1 was supposed to bring improvements to Touch ID, but many users have complained that after the update, Touch ID no longer works when they place their finger on the scanner. Some have managed to find a work around by rescanning their fingerprints, but there were others who could not get it to work.

Naturally these are bugs that Apple definitely needs to take a look at. After all Touch ID is one of the key features of the iPhone 5s and for it to stop working after a software update does not bode well as far as consumer confidence is concerned.

Any of our readers out there updated to iOS 7.1 and have experienced any of the issues mentioned above?

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