ios7-beta5iOS 7.1 was released earlier this week much to the delight of iOS users around the world who have been seeing and hearing good things about the update. The update will bring about several changes, improvements, and UI tweaks to the iOS 7 platform, which is why it is understandable that there many out there looking forward to it.

In fact last we heard, iOS 7.1 even did a good job at giving the iPhone 4 a new lease on life. It seems that prior to the update, iOS 7 basically rendered the iPhone 4 pretty slow due to all the different animations and new graphics, but the update changed it and made the phone usable again. However it seems that not everyone is pleased about the update, especially since there are reports that the update is draining iPhone batteries.

According to several reports, it seems that the iOS 7.1 update is quite the battery drainer and is draining phone batteries a lot faster than before. We’re not sure how many users are affected, but some have suggested that doing a clean install of iOS 7.1 by restoring through iTunes could solve the problem.

We cannot attest to this method since we haven’t tried it ourselves, and personally my iPad which has been updated to iOS 7.1 isn’t experiencing any battery drain either, at least nothing that I have noticed. Perhaps it is a bug that only affects iPhones.

In any case battery use will differ from user to user, so sometimes it’s hard to tell what constitutes a long battery life for a heavy user, compared to a user who doesn’t do much on their phones, but what do you guys think? Are you discovering that your iPhone/iPad’s battery is draining much faster after you have updated it to iOS 7.1?

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