Tattoo MusicTattoos have definitely gained traction in recent years as being a cool thing to have, never mind the painful route that one must take in order to get a tattoo in the first place (I know, some folks say that getting a tattoo is relatively painless, with the keyword here being “relative”). From the streets of Moscow, it sees that a new kind of music has been born, thanks to Moscow-born media artist Dmitry Morozov. Morozov has come up with a brand new kind of instrument that does not make use of strings or brass, but rather, it emits sounds electronically. Forget about sheet music here, as this special instrument would play its music that was written on human skin – a tattoo, no less.

This particular project is known as “reading my body,” where it is powered by a stepper motor and comprises of a pair of offset rail-mounted sensors which move across your skin. This movement will produce the corresponding sound whenever any dark ink is detected. The sensors themselves will be able to move independently along your tattoo, or they can be controlled manually, which gives each tattoo that is encountered the flexibility of offering more than just a single soundtrack. Pretty neat trick of merging visual arts with audio, right?

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