link-zeldaIn the past, we have seen some very convincing cosplays. At the same time we have come across some pretty shoddy ones that looks like the person did not put any effort into their costume at all. In fact some cosplayers go as far as recreating the costumes from scratch using quality materials, such as metal for weapons and so on.


However one should not forget that despite it merely being a replica, it is still a weapon at the end of the day, as one man found out unfortunately when he walked into a replica of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda during a domestic dispute.

The story goes like this: a man argued with his girlfriend in their own home, after which she decided to call her estranged husband, according to a report from the Local 2 news in Houston. The husband started chasing the other man, Eugene Thompson, who ran to his room and grabbed the sword.

According to Thompson, he held the sword in front of him to defend himself while yelling at the husband to get out. However the husband, we’re not sure if it was bravado or because he thought the sword was a fake, walked right into the point of the sword, thus stabbing himself in the process.

“I do anime conventions and stuff, dress up in costume. So I got it, because it’s a good replica, and it looks nice, and it so happens to be pointed and bladed,” states Thompson. The husband had to eventually be taken to the hospital where he was in serious condition. No word on whether any charges will be filed.

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