minecraft-ps3-rain-updateIt looks like those who have had plenty of fun with Minecraft on their Sony PS3 look set to enjoy the game even more thanks to a new PS3 update for Minecraft. Basically, the most recent update to the game on Sony’s previous generation console would introduce the likes of Emeralds, Ender Chests, and Zombie Villagers, among others, to the game itself.

Imagine leaving a cauldron out in the open as the heavens open – it will take time, but eventually, these cauldrons would then fill up in the rain. You can also opt to dye wolf collars if you so desire, and pigs do their bit by dropping more porkchops.

In addition, there will be a pair of skin packs made available to the masses, as Skin Pack 1 would be ideal for hardcore PlayStation fans. This particular Skin Pack would deliver a bunch of Sony stalwarts such as Nathan “Uncharted” Drake, folks from Heavy Rain, some Killzone dudes, and Sly Cooper. There will also be a Battle and Beasts skin pack that will include koalas, a Cleopatra look-a-like, different kinds of cavemen, and an octopus. Last but not least, you will be pleased as punch to hear that a couple of new texture packs will also launch, with the City Texture pack catering for the modernist Minecrafter while the Plastic Texture pack turns your virtual world into a slight LEGO tinge. [Press Release]

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