nymiWearable devices might be the next big thing, but you can be sure that not every single release would end up as a hit. The Nymi wristband from Bionym is an interesting proposition, considering we first talked about it in September last year. Apparently, the Nymi wristband works by making use of your body’s unique electrocardiogram (ECG) signals in order to function as a biometric authentication layer for other devices, applications and services. To paraphrase it, this could be your central “password vault” of sorts, relying on your heartbeat to confirm your identity.

I wonder what happens when you get excited, or have been involved in some physically strenuous activities that causes your heartbeat to palpitate wildly? I suppose Bionym CEO Karl Martin has already figured that one out. Arriving later in the year, Nymi will boast of three-factor authentication that comprises of the wristband itself, everyone’s special cardiac rhythm and a mobile device.

The Nymi hardware plays the role of a secure token which will be connected to the biometric, where your wristband is required to check-in with your smartphone or tablet before the day begins. Activating the wristband would require you to place fingers from your other hand on top of the wristband so that two points of contact are established for identification purposes. Not the most accurate in the world, but it ought to suffice for the average consumer.

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