It took Sony a few months to bring its latest gaming console to its home turf, Japan, and one would have thought that it would do spectacularly well there. It did, sort of, selling over 300,000 units during the launch weekend.However, if a new report from Media Create is to be believed, the console’s second week in Japan hasn’t been that spectacular. Sales have apparently dropped down to 65,685 units, the figures reflect sales between February 24th and March 2nd.Some media outlets cite supply constraints as the reason, while some believe that the honeymoon period is simply over.

When compared to similar figures of other consoles, this drop in sales doesn’t seem to be alarming. When the PS Vita came out in December 2011, in its debut weekend over 324,000 units were sold and by the second week the number had dropped to 72,479. Its the same story with Nintendo Wii-U, which sold 130,653 units in the second week.

The folks at PlayStation LifeStyle believe that reports about the PS4 selling out in Japan are inaccurate, that they might only be true for the most popular game shops in the country. Most retailers are said to have the PS4 in stock, so it doesn’t seem like there are any major supply constraints. Globally though the PS4’s performance is quite ahead of the Xbox One, with six million units finding their way in the retail channel since launch.

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