samsung_logoMost of us take for granted the use of our limbs, our sight, and our hearing, but there are many out there who are living with such disabilities and for them to operate a smartphone, something which we do without thinking too much about, can prove to be a challenge.

This is why Samsung has recently announced a trio of accessories which has been designed to help users with disabilities and visual impairments. These accessories include the Ultrasonic Cover, the Optical Scan Stand, and the Voice Label. These accessories will be compatible with the Galaxy Core Advance, a phone that was designed for the elderly and disabled to begin with.

US4Starting with the Ultrasonic Cover, this is a cover that can be used by those who are visually impaired. It has the ability to detect obstacles as well as navigate unfamiliar places by alerting the user through vibration or TTS feedback to let them know that there might be something in their way. The cover has the ability to detect objects from as far as 2m away, giving the user plenty of time to adjust.

os4Next we have the Optical Scan Stand which allows the user to place their phone on the stand, put a piece of text underneath it, and it will then be able to scan the text and read it out loud to the user. For those who are visually impaired and have trouble reading text from books, labels, and so on, this should do the trick. The stand even has a built-in sensor that will be able to detect when a piece of paper is placed underneath it.

sv1Last but not least is the Voice Label. This is a label that can be stuck onto a variety of objects and through the use of NFC, users will be able to associate the label with voice recordings so that they can remember what it is. For those who might be visually impaired or for those who might have trouble remembering certain things, you can record a voice memo to inform you what it is that you have labeled so that you may recall it in the future.

Pricing of these accessories were not provided, but according to Samsung, they are currently available for purchase.

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