sony-digital-paperWhile there are some devices out there that are worth checking out and waiting patiently for an official release, some others can be pretty underwhelming. Take Sony’s Digital Paper for instance – this happens to be Sony’s most recent foray into the e-ink slate market, where it will cost a whopping $1,100 a pop this May while sporting a 13.3” “letter size” form factor that ought to help those who have poor eyesight read swimmingly on the Digital Paper.

Needless to say, the asking price itself would have placed it out of reach for most folks, especially in the current economically trying times. In a nutshell, the Sony Digital Paper can be considered to be a glorified note-taking device, where its flexible e-ink display will feature both optical and active digitizer touchscreens that pave the way for input using your stylus or your finger if you do not like wiping prints off from the display.

This unique way of input would allow one to markup documents right there and then on the screen, while all files will be saved in a repository which can be shared later on. It is a pity then, for all the money that you fork out for the Sony Digital Paper, that it is only able to support PDFs at point of publishing.

Other hardware specifications of the Digital Reader include Wi-Fi connectivity, 4GB of internal memory and a microSD memory card slot, a 13.3-inch flexible e-ink screen with 1600×1200 resolution, a battery life of three weeks, all crammed into a chassis that tips the scales at 358 grams while measuring a mere 6.8mm thin.

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