twitter-socialAlways expect the unexpected when it comes to the world of tech, and that is why Twitter is all the more special to use since a couple of new mobile features have been introduced to the masses today – where one of them would be photo tagging, while the other would be the ability for you, the user, to include up to a quartet of photos in a single Tweet.

Where photo tagging is concerned, it basically allows you to tag the people in your photo, which is an idea that I am pretty sure just about everyone knows about and have experienced before thanks to Facebook. You are able to tag up to 10 other people in a single photo, making conversations around photos both fun and easy.

Not only that, you would also be pleased to learn that tagging will not affect character count in the Tweet in any way, which means that after tagging a maximum of 10 people in a single photo, you would still be able to make use of all 140 characters to type down your thoughts. Should you be on the receiving end of a tag, then you would receive a notification. Notifications can be adjusted as well for that added degree of customization, in addition to who can tag you, where all of those are controlled under the Settings segment.

Apart from that, sharing a bunch of photos would let you create a collage automatically, where tapping on a preview would let you check out the full image, and to slide through the group to boot becomes a no-brainer. It does not matter whether you are on the iOS or Android platform, Twitter has just gotten more interesting to use. [Press Release]

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