Picking a place for dining can often become a titanic task, particularly if you have friends who are very picky about seeing the menu before actually going to the venue. Now its quite arduous to fish out a menu on the internet, that too when the restaurant’s website doesn’t have a mobile site. Thankfully, Google is on the job to make things easier for diners all around the country. It will now display restaurant menus in top results on Google Search.

This obviously takes care of a lot of things. Most patrons would first Google a new restaurant to find out its menu or timings as well as policies. Now from just one window they can get all of that information plus take a look at what they can expect from the chefs at the new joint. With menus being shown up in top results, seeking them online is now easier than ever before.

Obviously this doesn’t mean that every restaurant in the country has its menu up on the search engine, however as time passes we can expect this service to only get better as more data comes in. The results include tabs through which users can access different parts of the menu, such as appetizers, mains and desserts. Though in order to search for a menu, users will either have to type or say out the “show me the menu for” phrase in Google Search.

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