To date we have come across a variety of alarm clock apps and devices designed to help wake up the heaviest of sleepers. Some require the user to perform an action to turn off the alarm, while others attempt to rouse the sleepy via tempting means, such as the sound of bacon frying, which for bacon lovers out there is enough to start the drooling process.

However we reckon that the sound of bacon frying alone is too much of a tease, and short of someone frying bacon and placing it right under your nose, how about an iPhone accessory that actually releases the scent of bacon frying in order to wake you up?

Sounds interesting? Well this is a device called Wake Up And Smell The Bacon and is the creation of Oscar Mayer. When paired together with an accompanying app on your smartphone, not only will the device emit the smell of bacon, but the app will also play the sound of bacon sizzling on the grill.

For those who are on a diet, we’re not sure if this is such a great idea since we think the smell and the sound of bacon will probably tempt you into pigging out (no pun intended!). Unfortunately it seems that the device isn’t available for purchase on a consumer level yet.

Instead for those interested in getting their hands on the device will have to head on over to the device’s website and answer a series of questions in order to be in the running for a chance to win it. We’re not sure if it will eventually be mass produced, but in the meantime you can check out the commercial for the device in the video above. What do you guys think?

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