nexusae0_Sony-2-in-1-USB-openOne of the ways that we can transfer data from our smartphones to another device, like our computers, is through the use of a data cable or perhaps even internet. Those are perfectly legitimate ways of transferring data, but what if you did not have a data cable, or what if the file is too big to transfer via the internet?

Well off the top of our heads, we’d say that times like these a USB flash drive sure comes in handy, and the good news for Windows Phone users is that with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update, it looks like not only will the platform support USB HID class accessories, but it will also support removable USB flash drives as well.

This means that users will either need a micro USB adapter for their current USB flash drives, or they can turn to micro USB flash drives, like the one pictured above which was announced by Sony not too long ago. What removable USB flash drives mean for Windows Phone users is that they will be able to offload files like photos and videos onto a separate device in the event that it might be taking up too much storage.

While microSD is an alternative, not all phones support it and one would need a card reader or a data cable if they wish to pull the data from their microSD cards onto another device like a laptop or external hard drive. This information comes by way of a tweet and has not officially been confirmed by Microsoft yet, but with the BUILD conference taking place in the next few weeks, hopefully we will be able to learn more about it then.

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