WindowsXPInfoWindows XP is a very old operating system. In fact it even predates Windows Vista,a  bust by all accounts, meaning that there are still some users out there holding onto Windows XP as they might have chosen not to upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7 for whatever reason.

Microsoft has since announced that the final patch for the operating system would be coming soon and has since turned to different methods at attempting to getting users to upgrade to a newer platform, such as through popup notifications. Their latest attempt comes in the form of an infograph which basically highlights all the reasons why one should upgrade ASAP.

For starters Microsoft states that Windows XP will no longer have customer support due to the fact that the platform is now 12 years old. They also state that Windows XP computers are more prone to infection compared to those running on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

They have also listed financial reasons for businesses, claiming that it is actually more expensive to maintain an out-of-date operating system compared to upgrading to something newer. Of course there are many reasons why some people are holding out against upgrading.

They could be simple users who just need to check emails and surf the web, and the familiarity of Windows XP is one that they are comfortable with.

As many are aware, Windows 8 is a pretty noticeable departure from the typical Windows design and can be a little jarring and confusing at first, especially for those who are less tech savvy. Either way if you’re still running on Windows XP, you can download the infograph (PDF) via the MSDN website.

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