The latest version of Windows is Windows 10, and if you were on older builds of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8, there was a period where Microsoft offered users the chance to upgrade for free, which hopefully many of you guys have taken it. However at the same time there are also probably some users who are on even older builds of Windows.

If you are still running on Windows XP or Windows Vista, then you might want to take note that Mozilla has recently announced that come June 2018, they will be officially ending Firefox’s support for both versions of Windows. Mozilla had previously warned users that extended support will end in September 2017, so it looks like the final cut off is June 2018.

According to Mozilla’s announcement, “Today we are announcing June 2018 as the final end of life date for Firefox support on Windows XP and Vista. As one of the few browsers that continues to support Windows XP and Vista, Firefox users on these platforms can expect security updates until that date. Users do not need to take additional action to receive those updates.”

We’re not sure how many users are still on Windows XP or Vista for that matter, but chances are it isn’t a huge percentage, so not many users should be affected by it. As always it is recommended that users have the latest version of any software as it usually means better performance and security.

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