yotaphoneDo you have fond memories of the first YotaPhone? That particular device arrived with dual 4.3″ displays, where a 720p LCD screen was located in front, while the back had an e-Ink screen with 200ppi density. It was powered by the Snapdragon S4 SoC with a dual-core 1.7GHz Krait processor alongside 2GB RAM, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean as the mobile operating system of choice, and plenty of optimized apps that will play nice with the e-Ink display. Well, the second YotaPhone had been announced at Mobile World Congress in February this year as expected, sporting far superior hardware specifications as expected. We have word that the YotaPhone is now available for purchase in the UK at £419 pop.

Now that is definitely a pretty high price tag considering the circumstances, so it remains to be seen whether the YotaPhone would be able to experience a huge pick up among consumers. Perhaps the element of innovation in the handset itself might be able to drive sales in the long run, and it is imperative that we also study sales figures of the YotaPhone should it be shipped to the likes of Germany, Spain, France and Austria for €499 a pop.

Only time will be able to tell, but chances are it might be dead in the water even before release since folks might actually hold out for the YotaPhone 2.

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