yotaphone-2We do know that the YotaPhone 2 campaign over in the US has kicked off to a flying start, and that is good. However, we have received word that this relatively new handset is all set to have a successor already, despite the fact that the YotaPhone 2 will ship to the US only after August. Techno Buffalo claims that Yota’s Managing Director for the Americas has confirmed not too long ago that the company is working on “a next-generation product line up”, where among them include a couple more devices – namely the YotaPhone 3 and the YotaPhone 2c.

Needless to say, future handsets of the same namesake ought to come with better hardware specifications, which is the natural order of things. Hence, compared to the YotaPhone 2, the YotaPhone 3 is touted to be equipped with improved features: where among them include a speedier processor which will most likely hail from the latest Snapdragon series, additional RAM, a higher resolution main display, an enhanced e-ink screen, and superior cameras. It might even come in a slimmer chassis than before, while the YotaPhone 2c does have the ring of a more affordable handset that will drop some of the more premium features.

There is no word yet as to when the YotaPhone 3 and YotaPhone 2c will be out, I guess a lot of it hangs on the success of the YotaPhone 2.

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