US BlackBerry 10 Phones Getting Access To Amazon Appstore

It’s something of a vicious circle where developers won’t want to develop for platforms that lack a large user base, and users avoid platforms that don’t have enough apps on them. Like we said this is a vicious cycle and one that BlackBerry is unfortunate to be part of. However it seems that they might have gotten a temporary boost in their ecosystem. In an update on the Inside BlackBerry […]

Amazon Pulls Appstore From Google Play

How many of us actually click on the checkbox that is located right next to the “I understand and agree to the stipulated Terms & Conditions” of a window whenever we are about to install a brand new software, without taking the time and trouble to actually go through all of those? A whole lot, I would say. Well, one particular terms of service in existing app stores would be […]

Amazon Appstore Part Of Android App Now

I am rather confident that a slew of Android users out there would not mind seeing the addition of Amazon Appstore right smack to the heart of their Android handset, making it a second marketplace for them to check out apps and other reasonably interesting items along the way. Of course, not everyone will be technologically savvy, and to arrive at the Amazon Appstore and perform an installation can be […]

Amazon Appstore Expands To South East Asia And Other Territories

There is nothing quite like seeing the country in which you live in gain access to a particular online service or app store. As for Amazon’s Appstore, more joy will be arrive on the doorsteps of another 41 territories across Asia, Africa and Oceania, which would mean the total number of markets where Amazon is currently offering apps to a whopping 236 – which is close to the whole world […]


Amazon Appstore Surpasses 200k Apps Milestone

“Do not despise small beginnings” is a pearl of wisdom that is definitely worth holding on to. After all, even the biggest tree grew from a small seed, and hence, app stores that are now a staple in modern day society started off with just a handful of apps submitted. Having said that, Amazon’s Appstore has grown over time to finally touch the 200k apps milestone, at least according to […]

Apple URLs Debuted At Super Bowl 47

Apple took the chance to debut their new URLs at the recently concluded Super Bowl 47, where each of the new short URLs are auto-generated for individual apps located on the App Store. You will not get any better public exposure than Super Bowl 47 of course, and these new URLs made an appearance when an ad for the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness movie displayed a link to […]

US Judge Throws Out “Appstore” False Advertising Claims By Apple

Some of you guys might have remember that a couple of years ago, Apple and Amazon went to court over the “Appstore” name, with Apple claiming that the “App Store” was their trademark and that Amazon truncating it to “Appstore” was not good enough. Amazon then asked the courts to throw out the lawsuit against them and it looks like Amazon has finally gotten their wish, or at least a […]

Amazon Appstore Hits 500% More Downloads

Do you find it to be extremely interesting that without having to have a platform of its own, Amazon has managed to do just fine where its mobile apps are concerned. In fact, Amazon recently announced that “[a]pp downloads in the Appstore have grown more than 500 percent over the previous year.” Now that is a huge figure by any margin, and you can say that the two biggest drivers […]

Amazon Appstore for Android rolls out in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun has had its first taste of the Amazon Appstore for Android, which means that its customers based in Japanese (and who are able to read Japanese in that part of the world, of course) are now able to gain access to a slew of apps as well as games on their Android-powered device – be it smartphones or tablets. Today’s announcement would deliver features […]

Amazon Appstore launches in Europe

If you happen to live in the UK, Germany, France, Italy or Spain, then here is news for you. The Amazon Appstore has just launched in the named countries (confirming our earlier story), enabling majority of its European customers to be able to gain access to Amazon’s broad selection of quality Android apps. Not only that, throw in the convenience of shopping on Amazon from the comfort of your Android-powered […]

Amazon Appstore launching in Europe this summer

Amazon is announcing that developers can now start submitting apps for distribution in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, with the goal of distributing apps in these countries later this summer. Amazon said that it also has plans of expanding the global coverage in the future. Developers are encouraged to visit the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal to get started. The Amazon Appstore in the U.S. has reportedly grown […]

Amazon Appstore update comes with test drive feature

Any application update tends to bring along with it its fair share of changes and updates, more often than not for the better. Well, the same can be said for the Amazon Appstore update, where it will now feature a test drive capability that allows you to instantly figure out the kind of apps you want to run on your smartphone before you purchase them. This can be achieved from […]

Windows 8 app store set to open doors

Microsoft knows that it does not hurt to follow a business model of another company if it proved to be successful, and certainly no one would want to dispute the effectiveness of the App Store or iTunes from Apple. Well, the software giant has decided to take a page out of Apple’s book by announcing that there will be a Windows 8 app store, allowing application developers to write programs […]

iCookbook for Android launches on Amazon Appstore today

If you’re a fan of preparing meals in the kitchen and love to have your tablet handy whenever you’re cooking, you’re going to be delighted at this upcoming announcement. iCookbook, a popular cooking app available on the Apple iPad and HP TouchPad is finally making its way over to the Android platform today. iCookbook has announced that it will be debuting its app on the Amazon Appstore, free for just […]